Customer Projects added!


Hello again!

We've added some customer pictures to the gallery which you can visit by looking at the lower left menu under "Customer Projects".

Here you'll find the assorted uses customers find for our products and you'll be able to get some good ideas for projects you may want to tackle yourself! 

On a daily basis, we have customers phone us up with some of the greatest ideas and I often wonder how many of them will become reality.

It's easy to have an idea or a concept, but its not so easy to build without a lot of determination and courage to see the project through (and who am I to talk?) I have several projects in just such a state!

Eventually I'll get back around to them (right?)

Anyhow, while will happily post your photos, please be aware that they need to be reasonable quality! Some of the pictures we get are similar to looking at an ink blot! you see some great stuff, but who knows what it is!