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Multifunction tester Brushless Motor Tester
Multifunction tester

Brushless Motor & Controller Tester

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Multifunction SP-WS-03 E-bike Brushless Motor & Controller Tester


This is a portable lightweight brushless motor and controller tester. it operates from a 9V battery and thanks to its small size, it can be easily packed away for those long trips in the event of breakdowns, or simply for peace of mind!
An extremely handy piece of equipment for those of you that love to tinker with electric bikes or just brushless motors in general!

Being loaded with so many features, it makes troubleshooting problems with your brushless motor or controller a breeze!
It is suitable for Electric Bikes, Scooters and any similar brushless motors.

Features at a glance:

  • Small size! Only 83mmX110mmX25mm

  • Capable of testing 24V, 36V, 48V or 60V Brushless Controllers

  • Universal fittings to suit most brushless controller plugs

  • Testing of Controller phase sequence

  • Testing of the Controller Hall Effect Sequence

  • Testing of Controller Hall and Phase wire for Open connections or Shorts

  • Testing of motor Phase Sequence

  • Testing of the Motor hall Effect Sequence

  • Test Hall phase angle of 60 or 120 Degrees

  • Testing of Hall Effect Throttle Sensor and Wiring