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350W 4100RPM 12-24V DC Straight Motor 63B14 Flange

$137.50 (Inc GST)
Weight: 3.100 kg
350W 4100RPM 12-24V DC Straight Motor with 63B14 Flange
DC Voltage: 12V OR 24V
RPM (No Load): 5100 RPM
RPM (Rated Load):4100 rpm
Power: 120W
Torque: 1nM
Rated Current:30A (12V) 14A (24V)
No Load Current:12-14A (12V) 6-8A (24V) 
Duty Cycle: Power Drive (intermittant use - load dependant) 
IP55 Rated (splashproof)
This type of motor is an extremely powerful 4 pole DC brushed motor. It is made for intermittant duty and can overdrive. Just watch the heat when you overdrive it!
It has a flange to suit a 63B14 gearbox, so it will fit onto a RV type gearbox, but you need to make sure the gearbox is a free spinning type because this motor is quite fast and will draw a lot of current on a stiff gearbox as it tries to get the drive spinning fast!! So be careful when driving these for long periods wth a stiff gearbox!
Used wisely, this power is extremely capable. 
These have been successfully used in commercial fishing reels as well as craypot haulers with a 030 63B14 type gearbox attached because they are so fast, but the 030 may be a little small for this drive because if you overdrive it, the motor can overpower the gearbox and break it! So if you are using this for a reel of some kind don't attempt to power through a snag!
Get an 040 as its stronger (but bigger) so theres a slight tradeoff.