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25W Reversible 80 mm Geared AC Motor

$224.99 (Inc GST)
Weight: 2.900 kg
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25W Single Phase 240V Reversible motor with 500:1 Gearbox
For any fans of home spit roasting, this motor is a must have! This motor was custom ordered to acheive an incredibly low speed for customers, that makes it ideal for use as a BBQ spit motor.
With the same high quality and relliability of any motor in our G.P.G series, this custom motor features something that isn't avaliable from stock standard motors; a 500:1 Gearbox which allows slower speeds that you could otherwise get from a motor like this.
This motor is only avaible in 25W single phase 240v leadwire type with a 500:1 gearbox.
Technical Specs:
Wattage: 25W
Voltage: 1 Phase 240V
Rated Speed: 2.6 RPM
Duty: Cont
Freq: 50Hz
Rated Torque: 7.8 Nm
Rated Current: 0.25A
Motor Length: 86mm
Gearbox Length: 44mm

A Wiring diagram can be found here:

Note: Should only be wired by a LICENSED Electrical Installer.