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24/36V DC Linear actuator LAC1500 2500N 600mm Stroke

$164.95 (Inc GST)
Weight: 9.000 kg
Out of stock
24/36V DC Linear Actuator 600mm 2500 newtons
Input voltage: 24/36V
Load Capacity: 2500n
Static Load: 5500n
Stroke: 600mm
Load Current: 2.5a
Load Speed: 5mm/sec
Duty Cycle 20%
Limit Switch: adjustable
Dynamic Load 8000n
Gear wheel: 2 metal gear wheels.
This unit is really exceptional quality. It has many features that make it much nicer than other actuators, from adjustable limit switches to the 20% duty cycle that will allow you to run it for logner, this unit is worthy of all the praise that we give it. 
We believe that to sucseed in business, that we need to bring the best possible product for the best possible price, and thats exactly what we've done here. These actuators have been extensively tested and really put throught their paces by our engineers and time after time they've passed with flying colors!
There are no better actuators of this variety for this price in Australia! believe us, we've checked!