2016? Already?!


Hi everybody!

We're well on the way to 2016 now, and as I write this, there's only 4 days until Christmas is upon us once more!
Incredibly, it feels like its only been a couple of months since we were writing about the last Chistmas holiday break! How time flies!

2015 was a good year for us. We shuffled some suppliers found some savings, lost some savings and overall had a lot of fun just trying to get everything done while keeping our sanity in check! 

There's never a good time to announce price increases, but we're not immune to it and lately we've been copping them from just about every angle you can imagine.
Obviously, that means we'll need to have some price increases in 2016 which we've tried to hold off on as long as we possibly could. Unfortunate as it may be though, we have to deal with price increases the same way as everyone else in the supply chain does. We have to increase prices. We don't have the huge margins to be able to absorb these costs, so we'll need to adjust some prices here and there. 

It's not all doom and gloom though as we've managed to get some cost savings in areas by purchasing in larger quantities, which has been a good little bonus!

We'll start chasing up some couriers in 2016 to see if we can start finding ways to cut the postage cost down. It's been difficult for us because our customers are all over Australia with at least 50% out of metro areas. If most of our customers were in metro areas, it would be so much easier because then we could organise something like flat rate shipping,however, then you get people who are up in NT outback or W.A outback, and wow! Some of the costs to send out that way are incredible!

We can't use places like Startrack because they charge for each delivery attempt and with customers all mixed between Private and Business, again, impossible to arrange.

If only things were simple, right? This keeps us on out toes!

We hope you all have a safe and happy christmas and a happy new year!
Thanks for all of your help and support and we hope we've helped your project in some small way!

Motion Dynamics Team!