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External snubber circuit External snubber circuit diagram
External snubber circuit

External snubber circuit for speed controllers

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External Snubber Circuit for Speed Controllers

Optional external snubber circuit to limit voltage feedback to the speed controller.

Although our speed controllers have on-board voltage protection, there are circumstances where a high powered motor under heavy load can produce a sufficiently high voltage spike that feeds back to the controller and takes out the on-board protection.

The snubber circuit consists of two resistors and a single, non-polarized, metallized capacitor that are attached to the positive and negative motor terminals.


  • Rated Voltage: 630v
  • Capacitance: 1uF (Microfarad)
  • Metallized film (NOT wirewound, which can create its own induction!)
  • Width = 27.5mm
  • Height = 16mm
  • Length of legs= 25mm