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Bi-directional Speed Control Base Model Bi-Directional Model B bidirectional Wiring Diagram Bi-Directional Model C Unbranded Faceplates 12V-36V DC Speed Control 25A Case Model dimensions of case Case Dimensions Hall Effect Throttles
Bi-directional Speed Control Base Model

12V-36V DC Speed Control 25A Case Model

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25A Bi-Directional Controller aluminium case model! Incredibly strong case to protect the delicate electronics housed within!
 25A Bi-Directional Speed Controller PCB Model V2! 
Four Quadrant (4QD), Large Current Capacity, Ultrasonic switching speeds (No more whiney motors!) Electronic Braking, Battery Regen, Control type calibration and more!

This smart little controller packs quite a punch and despite the fact that designing it certainly drove us crazy, it was a challenging project while it lasted. It was designed to fill a niche in the market! There are a lots of bi-directional controllers available out there in the wild, thats not the issue, but there is simply no GOOD ones available at a decent price. Really! I'm not making this up, they simply don't exist!

Whilst designing this controller, It became apparent that it was getting harder and harder to stick to the original goals, simply because we kept trying to add more and more feaures as we progressed with the design. At the same time we were also trying hard to keep the overall cost of the units down compared to anyone elses offering (Don't forget, we use ALL genuine parts, not Chinese copies! so every part, no matter how small could add up quickly to blow the cost out FAST!)

So now with the V2 model, we we've 
taken (mostly) the same functionality of the original unit and improved on it even more! We now have provision to use a bigger heatsink if people plan on running it at its higher limits or slightly above for longer periods, more protection against people massaging the PCB while walking barefoot through plush carpet, protection on the inputs and we've also added mounting holes so that it can be more easily mounted, we've removed the need for the bracing on the bottom of the PCB, improved cooling efficiency and have made more subtle changes to increase reliability and useability.

Extremely good controller. Has been tested and abused by people to love to break things! Can be used for all different types of applications and is available in a variety of different flavours. Was built to be simple but reliable. COuld be doubled up to make a Jopystick controlled    

Features at a glance:

  • Wide voltage range 12.0V-36.0V
  • Full Speed Regulation with linear range control from 0 to 100%
  • Hand assembled in Australia, utilising a heavy duty industrial grade alloy metal case (case model only)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection for main drive circuits, Control circuitry protection, protected against EMF spiking up to 600 Volts!
  • Optional Soft start for forward and reverse directions!
  • Maximum Current of 25A (capable of sustaining short burst loads up to 40A!)
  • Ultrasonic! High Frequency PWM Removes the “whine” caused by oscillating motor windings, even at low speeds!
  • 2 Oz 4 Layer PCB with heavy copper traces for low resistance and high current capacity!
  • High Speed, 2 AMP N-Channel Mosfet driver!
  • 8x High Current 180 Amp 75V Mosfets with the worlds lowest RDS On in TO-220 (4 for 25A model)
  • Four Quadrant motor control
  • Regenerative - Power generated from the motor is fed back to the source for longer lasting batteries          
  • Low voltage driver shutdown, protecting the high speed switching drivers against sagging or failing batteries!
  • Internal voltage filtering with Transient Clamping Protection to ensure stable and reliable control at all times!
  • Eight Way Terminal Connector; For quick and secure connections, suitable for most terrains!
  • External connectors for Hall Effect or Potentiometer, On/Off switch and dual inputs for cable lengths up to 5m!
  • Flexible inputs! Any value Potentiometer, Joystick, Hand or Foot throttles, Hall Effect (basically any voltage range from 0-5v!)


Model Information:

There are 4 models of the controller available. Model A and Model B are the most similar. Models C and D are slightly different.
The differences are as follows.

Model A: Controller 1x Power Switch 2x Momentary Buttons
This unit has a single direction control method. For example, if you use a potentiometer then your available range is from 0-5v, or from Fully anti-clockwise to fully clockwise (about 180 degrees) As you increase the rotation clockwise, your motor will speed up until it is completely clockwise (full speed)
The buttons used in this model are momentary. That means that they are only active for as long as you are pressing them.
SW1 is your Reverse button. Pressing this will toggle the direction, so if you are currently going forward and you push the button once, your motor will change direction.
The direction state is saved so even if the controller loses power, as soon as the power is restored the direction state will be reloaded.

SW2 is your brake. While this is pressed your brake will apply. During braking your motor acts as a generator and all power generated goes back into your battery. If your battery is FULL then this feature will turn off. If you press the reverse button while you have the brake depressed, it will not register. When both buttons are pressed the brake takes priority.

Model B: 1x Controller 1x Power Switch 1x Latching Switch
This unit has a single direction control method. For example, if you use a potentiometer then your available range is from 0-5v, or from Fully anti-clockwise to fully clockwise (about 180 degrees) As you increase the rotation clockwise, your motor will speed up until it is completely clockwise (full speed)

The button used in this model is latching. This means it is Press to turn on and press again to turn off. 
While the button is pressed the controller will reverse the direction of the motor. 

Model C: 1x Controller 1x Power Switch 1x Momentary Switch
This model uses its control method to change the direction. Consider a potentiometer with its 180 degree circle.
If you turn the unit from 0 degrees to 85 degrees you will be turning the controller in the reverse direction from FULL SPEED to the lowest speed.
From 85 degrees to 95 degrees you are turning all speed off. From 95 until 180 degrees you are turning  the controller  speed in the forward direction from its lowest speed to its highest speed.

The buttons on this model provide a brake. As long as the brake is engaged, the motor will not turn until the buttom is released.

Model D: 1x Controller 1x Power Switch 2x Momentary Switch
This model uses the SW1 and SW2 buttons for motor movement in for forward and reverse directions. For this unit, you set the speed you want via the potentiometer, then press SW1 (Forward) or SW2 (Reverse)to turn the motor at the speed you have set. For example, say we wanted the speed of the motor to be 50%, we set the potentiometer at the half way mark and then when we want the motor to go forwards at 50% we press SW1, if we want it to go reverse at 50% then we press SW2. When we want to apply the electronic braking, we simply take out fingers off the buttons and the braking will automatically be applied.

 Models of bi-directional controller

BIG connectors for those current hungry motors! A work of art, but a nightmare to assemble


Heavy duty Mosfet drivers! Heavy Duty Mosfets, Heavy Duty, heavy Duty, heavy Duty... And at a fantastic low price!
Easy to hook up and use!

Hand Assembled in Australia! Please note, these take a while to assemble and are one of the harder controllers for us to build, so it may take a day or so longer when you order this to actually make it!

Supplied with Potentiometer (if you haven't ordered a hall effect type connector!)

25-50A Controller bidirectional Manual (bi_directional_control_DOX110_V365_Controller.pdf, 407 Kb) [Download]