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12µF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61) Dimensions
12µF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61)

12µF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61)

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Model: CBB61

12uF, 500V AC Start/Run Capacitor (CBB61)

Commonly used as a Start/Run Capacitor in Air Conditioners, Ceiling Fans, Ventilation Equipment, Air Conditioning

Standards IEC 252:1993,EN60252:1994,UL810
Dielectric: Polypropylene film
Plates: Zn/Al layer deposited by evaporation under vacuum
Climatic Category 40/70/21
Capacitance range 0.5µF to 10µF
Capacitance Tolerance J(±5%), K(±10%)
Rated Voltage(VAC) 250V,400V,450V,500V,630
Withstand Voltage(VDC) 2.0Ur (2S), 1.75Ur (5S)
Max Voltage 10% Variance of Rated Voltage
Max Current 10% Variance Rated Current
Safety class P0
Rated frequency(Hz) 50/60 Hz
Dissipation factor (20 ° C +/- 5 ° C) Max.0.0020(120 Hz)
Max.dv/dt(V/us) 15
Test voltage terminal to case 2000 Volt AC for 2 Seconds
Casing Plastic Case, Resin Filled
Flame retardant character Conforms to class UL94-0
Insulation Resistance > 3000 M Ohm µF (20°C, 60S)
Endurance(85°C,1.25Ur) Class A 30,000 Hours 250VAC
  Class B 10,000 Hours 400VAC

Class C 3,000 Hours 450VAC