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12V-48V 40A DC motor controller w/- LED readout 12V-48V 40A DC motor controller w/- LED readout
12V-48V 40A DC motor controller w/- LED readout

12-48V DC Motor Controller (Bi-Directional) 40A

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12-48V DC Motor Controller (Bi-Directional) 40A


In absense of our own in house bi-directional controller, we've brought in a relatively basic but very reliable bi-directional controller!

The functionallity is insanely simple. The connected rocker switch is a 3 position switch which offers forward/reverse, and a middle neutral option. The on/off function is built right into the 100K pot, simply turn it down all the way until you hear a satisfying click and the unit is now off! The unit features soft-start (when using the pot from an OFF position). 

We have found through rigorous testing that the difference in speed between positions l and ll is upto 5%

The most unique feature of this controller is a digital display, which displays between 001-100. Though its a good indication of how fast the motor is rotating, the readout is simply feedback from the 100k pot (i.e. A value of 50 on the LED readout indicates the controller is set to 50% of the motors maximum rated speed).

Setting the unit up is as simple as connecting 4 wires! 

The battery positive/negative MUST be in the correct position when the unit is connected to power (please see gallery for indications as to which is which).

The motor positive/negative may each be on either of the motor terminals.


Output voltage: linear under load
Maximum current: 60A (Momentarily)
Continuous current: 40A
Speed regulation type: current regulation
Speed regulation mode: potentiometer (linear)
Supported motor type: DC brushed motor
Speed range: 0—100%
Control frequency: 15KHZ
Wiring type: terminal Knob
Pot Specification: 100K (with switch)
Wiring type: fence terminal block
PCB size: 100MM*76MM*28MM